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How to make Worm Tea out of worm castings

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After worm composting, what then becomes of its deposits? Now this is where the organic fertilizers come into the picture. Worm by-product can simply be used in three ways: as an organic fertilizer (still in its earthy soil state) for your plants, as a soil conditioner, and as a liquid fertilizer. The liquid fertilizer that has leached out from you worm bin is what we call worm tea. There are simple how to steps in producing your very own tea from worms. So, how do you make worm tea exactly?

How to create tea from worm manure

Worm manure in liquid form can be a great organic soil amendment, and is definitely odorless. You can create tea from worm poop by simply preparing the needed materials for this: a worm bin, a small rake (the hand-held type), a muslin bag, a large bucket, some water, and a squirt bottle.

You can start with this simple brewing process by following these easy steps:

  1. From the bottom part of your worm bin, you will see some castings on top of it. Rake these off from the bin, which you will then place directly into the muslin bag.
  2. As soon as you’ve filled the bag with worm castings, tie it right away so that you can secure the contents of it (especially when you completely submerge it into the water).
  3. You’re going to have to submerge the muslin bag (containing the castings from red wigglers or nightcrawlers, whichever worm source it was from) in a bucket of water with full force. So, make sure that you’ve filled one.
  4. You’re going to have to dip the bag a couple of times, since it will help in airing out the mix. This is when worm tea dilution starts to take place (the nutrients will then be diluted into the water).
  5. As soon as the dilution process is finished, you can then transfer some tea into a spray bottle. Make sure that you add about a gallon worth of water when using a cup worth of tea mixture.
  6. You can then start squirting this liquid fertilizer to some indoor or outdoor plants afterwards. But do take note that this isn’t for human or pet consumption, as your plants and soil can only benefit from it.


Benefits to using Worm Tea

There are also many benefits  to using worm tea. Rather than the easy how to steps to concocting one, tea from worms can also be used as a natural insect repellant (can repel mites, white flies, aphids, and others more). It can also serve as an organic fungicide for when you apply it on your garden soil, or on plant surfaces. But other than that, it is an organic fertilizer that will not burn plants (unlike those chemical based fertilizers). It also enhances the composition of the soil; and also helps in improving the soil’s water and moisture retention capabilities. And of course, it’s cost-effective, and is very much eco-friendly.

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