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With our specials, you’ll find exceptional deals on everything from compost bins to premium quality compost. This collection features a wide variety of our best-selling products and exclusive offerings, providing you with incredible value and the chance to explore new additions to your composting routine.

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    Uncle Jim’s Ultimate Gift Bundle

    From: $59.95
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  • Womanswork® Floral Half Apron – Garden of Paradise Print

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  • Seed bundles

    NEW! Seed Bundles

    From: $12.99
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  • 2000 Mealworms get 1000 Mealworms Free +Newsletter Special!

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  • red wiggler worms

    Buy 1000 Super Reds and get 250 More for Free!

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  • Uncle Jim's Worm farm

    2000 Red Composting Worms + 500 Free! NEWSLETTER SPECIAL

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  • Gardener Select Farmhouse Collection Oval Planter w/ Handles 17.5″ FREE SEEDS WITH PURCHASE

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  • worm blanket

    Worm Blanket and Coco Coir Brick Combo

    From: $20.99
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  • weeding garden

    Planter’s Bundle: Labels, Brush, Dibber, Seeds

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  • compost

    20 Pound Bag of Gold + 4 Pound Bag FREE

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