Worm Kits

If you’re an adventurous thrill-seeker with dreams of starting your own worm industry, you’ve come to the right place. Our kits are fully loaded with everything you need to get started, including bedding, food, a bin, instructions, and, of course, the worms themselves!

Our worm kits are perfect for those with big ambitions and even bigger goals. But, they’re not just for the fearless. Even if you just need to grow enough worms for your fishing trips, reptiles, lawns, or gardening, our kits are perfect for you too.


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  • worm blanket

    Worm Blanket

    From: $15.00
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  • jim face

    Worm Bin Starter/Refill Kit

    From: $29.99
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  • Kids worm farm

    Children’s Vermicomposting Kit!

    From: $59.99
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  • worm farm kit

    Worm Farm Kit – FREE SHIPPING*

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  • ranchkit

    Worm Ranch Kit – FREE SHIPPING*

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  • uncle jims univeristy

    UJ University

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  • coconut-coir

    Coconut Coir Brick

    From: $14.99
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  • Worm Hobby Kit

    Worm Hobby Kit – FREE SHIPPING*

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