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Uncle JIms University

As a Kid, I would constantly hear:

Jimmy, Brush your teeth!

Jimmy, Eat your veggies!


Well, in today’s economy, it’s still a smart thing to brush your teeth and eat your veggies…HOWEVER…

An economical education at UJU

Paying all those big bucks for an education could become a HUGE FINANCIAL BURDEN.

Receive a Diploma from:

Diploma from Uncle Jim's University

Prospective students family members and friends…
Please be seated and let me explain.

The UJU School supplies you with:

  • 2 outstanding Books on worm farming…over 325 pages.
  • 2,000 worms
  • 50 question test (Answer Key Included!)
  • Professional looking diploma with your name date and Uncle Jim’s Signature.

UJU Supplies You!Now, of course…this isn’t some accredited course you can transfer to Yale or Harvard or even a local community college.

It is a Diploma from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm
  • You read real books
  • You get real worms
  • You take a real test
  • You get a diploma from our real organization.

What Do I Do With a Diploma From Uncle Jim’s?

  • First, Enjoy it…Frame it…Flaunt it.
  • Second, walk straight and erect, hold your head high because you’ve earned it.
  • Third, Use it as a reference for a job or an interview…Why not?

UJ University DiplomaBe an Uncle Jim’s Graduate

In addition to the two great books 2,000 worms and 50 question test with answer key
and beautiful framable, professional looking diploma

You Get……..

  • Great Knowledge and Fun
  • Great Reference for any Job Interview
  • Great for Science Class Teachers
  • Great Gift for anyone..any age or gender.

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It’s Worth It!