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Uncle Jim’s Original Organic Farmers

Red Compost Worms truly are nature’s Wonder Workers, and here’s why Uncle Jim’s worm farm Red Wiggler Composting Mix do best what worms do Naturally.  Make great natural soil! The bedrock of any great lawn and garden!

Composting Worms Improve Lawn and Garden Soil by excreting Worm Castings!

It’s a fact that good fertile soil is full of red worms. It’s also known that poor soil has no worms. but few people realize that adding worms to poor soil, eliminating chemical use and giving the little guys/gals some food and water can quickly turn poor soil into the very best top soil.

Here’s How The Worms Do It

Composting worms make burrows and tunnels that let water and nutrients reach plants root systems. Red Worms are best at this for lawns and gardens because they work close to the surface. Whereas, night crawlers may go down five feet or more to find a home. This burrowing loosens the soil and aerates it naturally.

Hungry composting worms eat and digest up to their body weight every day, producing a 100% natural fertilizer know as worm castings or worm poop.

Worms castings are:

  • 3 Times Richer In Nitrogen
  • 5 Times Richer In Phosphates
  • 11 Times Richer In Potash than the average top soil

And what’s more? Worm castings can be brewed into a potent liquid form organic fertilizer and organic insecticide called Worm Tea! Wow!

Composting Champions

Uncle Jim’s worm farm Red Wiggler Composting Worm Mix are truly champs when it comes to composting. I don’t even have to train them. They just do it naturally. They can turn almost any organic material into a nutrient rich high grade fertilizer in the form of worm castings which I call Black Gold soil! This process can be done in vermicomposting bins or in your lawn or garden.


Uncle Jim’s Black Gold and Fishing Worms

Traditional compost piles takes weeks to make a low grade humus that, if not used correctly, can burn and damage your plants. Now get this. A pound of Uncle Jim’s worm farm of hard workin’ composting worms can turn a pound of leaves, grass clippings or even household garbage into a pound of top quality, high-grade manure or Black Gold soil in only 24 hours. It’s not just rotten organic debris. Rather, It’s actually digested worm castings (Manure) that won’t burn even the most delicate seedlings.

Uncle Jim’s Fishing Worms

Fishing… The Red Wiggler is commonly known as the trout fishing worm, especially for trout, perch and blue gill. Believe me, You’ll never have to buy worm baits again. These fish baits multiply big time.

Buy wholesale fishing worms from Uncle Jim’s worm farm and you’ll become the source for live fishing worms for your friends and relatives. More Red Worms are sold for fishing than any other type of worm. Try our European Nightcrawlers for a perfect blend of a Red wiggler worm and a Canadian nightcrawlers!

Pets… Wild or Tame

Frankly, every morning my bins are visited by Robins, Sparrows and Blue Jays. If you want wild birds to really have a feast… Give’em some Uncle Jim’s Red Worms.

Any Reptile, Amphibian, turtle, Frog or Aquarium Fish will appreciate a healthy “Bite Size” protein snack.

Home Steading

Any good homesteader needs a bin of Uncle Jim’s Red Worms. Pond fish will get big, fat and delicious. Gardens will flourish with the best soil that only worms can supply.

And if hard times come, worms are edible. They’re a great source of protein.