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  • Comes straight from the same bins our worms are raised in
  • VERY nutritious for plant growth and garden soil 
  • 100% natural and organic fertilizer (means no chemicals added!
  • Add a garden trowel for easy handling


Carbon Steel, Chrome Surface, Rubber Wood Handle with TPR Grip. 15 inches.

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Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm presents Earthworm Castings

“Black Gold”

  • Comes straight from the same bins our worms are raised in
  • VERY nutritious for plant growth and garden soil 
  • 100% natural and organic fertilizer (means no chemicals added!)

Manufactured by the World’s #1 Champion Composters – Uncle Jim’s Red Worms! Designed for folks who do not want the hassle of homemade worm castings but need the essential nutrients from pure worm castings to improve soil structure. 

These pure organic worm castings are excellent for:

  • Gardens
  • Lawns
  • Seedlings
  • Houseplants

What are earthworm castings good for?

As the worms in your bin consume their body weight in food waste, tea bags, and other organic material, waste (worm poop) is produced and released inside the worm bin. Even if you are new to vermicomposting, you will undoubtedly be aware of the numerous benefits associated with these organic materials.

Improves Soil Structure, Aeration, and Plant Health

We harvest worm castings for our customers to mix into the soil, whether directly on the ground or in potted plants, to promote the best soil structure and aeration.

Worm casting bacteria is ideal for plant growth. It contains beneficial microbes that protect plants from disease while also promoting nitrogen, which helps plants thrive.

Does not Introduce Chemicals into the Soil

One of the most beneficial aspects of earthworm castings is that it is an all natural option. While some chemical fertilizers may speed up certain processes, we do not know the extent of their long term effects, especially when it comes to growing food humans consume. 

The high levels of nutrients and trace elements in worm castings make them like a multivitamin for your soil. They have all the benefits of commercial fertilizers but are 100% natural.

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4 Pound Bag of Gold, 10 Pound Bag of Gold, 20 Pound Bag of Gold

Can you use too much worm castings?

Fertilizer burn is what happens when a high concentration of fertilizer salts draw moisture from the root system which dries them out and causes plants to wilt and die. 

When you opt to use worm castings, you will not have that issue since there are no chemicals. You can use as much as you have; but keep in mind that a little goes a long way.

What is better for plant growth: ordinary compost or worm castings?

Both compost and worm castings are natural ways to improve soil structure. Both are made from things like leaves, grass clippings, and organic food waste. The main difference between them is that worms eat these parts and break them down for us. This makes the plants and soil get the nutrients faster.

“Black Gold” comes directly out of our worm beds located at Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm.

*Because Uncle Jim’s is a commercial grower of red worms, the worm compost we sell you comes directly from our growing pits. Please be aware that you may receive small twigs, grains, a small critter, or even a worm egg! But do not worry: it is the best, it is authentic, and you will adore it!

Not sure if you need worm tea and castings in your garden? Read our blog post about the benefits of worm castings.