Our Worm Hobby Kit
Our Worm Hobby Kit

Worm Hobby Kit

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Product Description

Need a hobby? Try a hobby kit! These kits come fully loaded with 500 red wrigglers, bedding, Uncle Jim’s specialized worm feed made from his very own secret recipe, 1 absorbent piece of burlap for retaining adequate moisture levels, and the specially-fitted container for all your worming components! These are perfect for science projects, perfect for class rooms, and perfect for any adventurous individual eager to delve into new and exciting hobbies! Dig in and be a witness to the power of the worms! We dare you!

Whats Included:
500 Red Wrigglers
Starter bedding
3 month feed supply (Our special blend is sure to have your worms thriving!)
Moisture-retaining burlap
Detailed Instructions
16″ L x 11″ W x 6″ H Plastic container
Cost of shipping> $13.95 PER Kit
Our Worm Hobby Kit


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