Gardener Select Farmhouse Collection Oval Planter w/ Handles 17.5″ FREE SEEDS WITH PURCHASE


  • Made from durable metal
  • Inspired by classic farmhouse decor
  • Features a “Rusty” finish
  • Intended for indoor and outdoor use
  • Metal
  • Free Shipping

Manufactured by the World’s #1 Champion Composters – Uncle Jim’s Red Worms! Designed for folks who do not want the hassle of homemade worm castings but need the essential nutrients from pure worm castings to improve soil structure. Mix with your potting soil.



Add a rustic farmhouse charm to your indoor or outdoor space with the addition of this oval planter with handles. Durably constructed from metal featuring a “rusty” finish, this planter is designed for decorative purposes as well as planting indoor and out