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Tips on Storing Worm Tea

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There are a lot of things that you can do with worm castings; and one of them would be to make tea out of worm poop from red wrigglers, and nightcrawlers. To find out more, you should read a few facts in this article about tips on storing worm tea, and more. Worm compost tea is basically made through a brewing process. It’s created by immersing the castings of worms into the water (the castings are usually enclosed in a cloth bag, and is tied so nothing seeps out from the bag as soon as it is submerged in the water). The nutrients and the other good bacteria that’s contained in the castings are then released into the water. It’s when the water is aerated that the microorganisms grow and multiply in number (an oxygen-rich environment is produced). This worm tea dilution then becomes your liquid organic fertilizer.

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So, how do you exactly make worm compost tea?

Well, you’re going to have to prepare a bucket that can hold a gallon, and then some dechlorinated water. You’ll also need an aquarium pump, some tubing, an air stone, and of course, your worm tea bag. And as soon as you’ve prepared all these supplies, you may then fill your bucket with some dechlorinated water. You’re also going to have to soak the worm casting tea bag; and have the bucket of water aerated using your tubing material that’s been attached to the aquarium pump, and air stone (dip this inside the bucket). Let this whole process work for about 24 hours (do this overnight). Now, as the worm tea is being brewed, the soluble materials and the nutrients that come with it, are then dissolved into the water. As soon as your 24 hours is over, you may use the brewed worm tea immediately  (you’ll know your tea is ready when the water starts to turn into a light amber color). You should also be informed that you’re also going to have to use the tea from red wigglers or nightcrawlers castings right away. It’s advisable to collect it and use it at once because it will turn anaerobic later on; and you wouldn’t want any beneficial microbes dying away and getting wasted. So, if you don’t want to use it just yet, you may follow a few of these storing tips:

  1. Do not store the brewed worm tea recipe inside a PET bottle, unless you want the beneficial microbes to die right away.
  2. It’s best that you store it inside a container, with a lid that loosely covers it, or without a lid. This is important since the good microorganisms in the worm tea solution needs air. If you fail to do this, your tea may soon smell horrible; and your plants and soil won’t be able to fully appreciate the benefits that come with your worm tea.
  3. To sum it all up, you’ll really need to consume it within 24 hours.

But basically, you may use worm tea instantly to spray directly on your plants, soil, and even on your vegetable produce. It’s that easy to apply, and that safe to use. It simply becomes a protective layer, especially for your plants. And if getting tips on storing worm tea isn’t enough information for you, you may want to try making worm tea soon after. You may simply read on our previous article called How to make Worm Tea out of worm castings.

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