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Holiday Gift Ideas from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm

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uncle jim's hatUncle Jim’s Worm Farm would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays! Are you stuck on which gifts to buy your friends and loved ones? Well, we are here to help! Uncle Jim’s offers awesome products ranging from apparel to supplies.


Our apparel is perfect for when you want to work in the garden or with your worms. Do you or your loved ones need a new hat? We have a new Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Ball Cap that will keep the sun out of your eyes while you’re doing any outdoor work. We also have a tasteful half-apron that will help keep your clothes clean, and it comes with a garden shovel.

green uncle jim's tee giftT-shirts are perfect for gardening and everyday wear. We offer Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm t-shirts in many different colors and sizes– including children’s. The shirt is 100% pre-shrunk cotton, so you do not have to worry about it shrinking in the wash. It is a breathable and lightweight fabric, which makes it perfect for doing any outdoor or vermicomposting work!


Are you or your family trying to get into composting?

Vermicomposting is ideal because you can turn kitchen scraps into all-natural fertilizer. This organic fertilizer will nourish your garden or houseplants. Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm is number one when it comes to composting worms and supplies, so trust us with all your composting needs. Vermicomposting can be done indoors or outdoors, but if you live in a colder region, you should start with an indoor composting bin.

maze worm binAll the worm bins on our Indoor Composting Bin page are perfect for vermicomposting. For the best gift, we definitely recommend our brand new Maze Worm Farm. It comes with 100 red composting worms to get their vermicomposting journey started! There are different styles to choose from, and we make it even easier by offering add-ons like additional worms, worm bedding, and more! See each description for details.


Do you need gardening supplies or vermicomposting supplies? Uncle Jim’s has you covered. We have gardening tools, soil pH testing kits, plant markers/labels, and more. Have you ever been unsure about whether or not you planted your seeds at the correct depth in the soil? Why don’t you try our Planting Dibber? The Planting Dibber makes it super easy to plant seeds and small bulbs. Not only does it create the perfect hole for planting seeds, but it is graduated in inches to make sure you always plant them at the correct depth.

Are you planning a trip to visit your relatives and need to make sure your worms stay happy? No need to ask your neighbors to feed your worms. The Worm Blanket is your saving grace. It keeps your worms dark, moist and happy. If they get hungry while you are away, they can even eat the blanket itself!


harvest bookIs your gift recipient a bookworm? We have loads of different books about gardening and vermicomposting to choose from! From How to Start a Worm Bin to Harvest: Unexpected Projects Using 47 Extraordinary Plants, we offer a variety of books on different gardening and worm topics. Whether you’re just getting started with gardening and vermicomposting, or you already have plenty of dirt underneath your fingernails, these books will offer new insights and knowledge on stuff you may not have known before! Learn the best tips and tricks for your most profitable harvests in 2021!

Gift Certificate

Still unsure of what to get? Try an Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm gift certificate. This way, your friends or family can purchase whatever they like from our online store, and have it shipped directly to their house or desired location.

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm is #1 in the United States for composting worms and materials. All of our worms are born and bred at our rural farm in Pennsylvania.

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