Maze Worm Farm + Free Composting Worms

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  • FREE 100 Composing worms with every unit!
  • Optimal airflow for worms
  • 2 working trays to rotate when full
  • Easy sliding worm-saver tray
  • Liquid collection tray
  • Easy to lift and hang lid
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made in Australia
  • Made from recycled material diverted from landfill
  • Free Shipping
  • coconut-coir circle worm blanket Kids Book

Then you need this Children’s illustrated adventure book to help teach composting fun and factual! Kids will love digging, scooping, planting and sweeping with the children’s gardening set which contains four real, high-quality tools designed just for them! The gardening tools are designed to fit small hands and big imaginations, because childhood should be filled with squishy stuff, twisty mud tunnels and fantastic everyday adventures.

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Designed and produced in Australia from mostly recycled materials, this stylish yet customizable worm farm fits seamlessly into any area around your home.

Unlike other bulky worm farms the Maze Farm will not only take up a small space even if using multiples (vertical shelving available) but will look good on your balcony, deck or garden.

Featuring 2 working trays which can be rotated avoiding the need for more trays. The stacking trays and the base utilize optimal aeration. The open drain in the base ensures worm tea is not building up and lets air flow from the bottom of the farm.

The worm saver tray stops the worms falling through to the bottom and is easily pulled out to scrape the worm castings and make sure it stays clean to ensure good liquid and air flow.

A 2L flat collection tray sits under the worm farm to ensure the rich worm tea is collected as it drains.

About Worm Farms

Almost 50% of our household waste is organic and ideal for composting. Using a Worm Farm as part of your home organic waste recycling, is a great way to support both healthier garden and a healthier environment.

When placed in one of our Worm Farms, composting worms typically digest up to 8 pounds of organic kitchen waste per week.

Using a Worm Farm at home is a great way to get the whole family involved in your home sustainability efforts and a fun way for kids to learn about caring for the environment.


If adding legs –

  • Each leg Dimensions: 1.27in x 9.2in
  • Adds to stylish look of the worm farm
  • Elevates the worm farm for easier filling
  • Enable a taller container to sit underneath. Better air flow for worm farm


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