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Earth Day is April 22: Day to Begin Composting!

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Earth Day 2011 is April 22, and that means that our focus needs to turn to the steps we can each take as individuals to help improve the ecology around us. Composting is an obvious answer sine it allows us to reduce our garbage production by utilizing a bulk of our yard and food scraps as a basis to create nutrient-rich compost in our compost bins that can then take the place of chemical-based grass and plant fertilizers.

  • Reducing garbage production slows the growth of our local dumps and trash heaps as well as reduces the harmful ozone-deteriorating gases produced by rotting food scraps.
  • Replacing chemical-based fertilizers with compost in our yards and gardens reduces the harmful chemical runoff that often ends up in our local streams, lakes and waterways. They kill local wildlife and cause extensive damage to our natural water sources.

Composting is not a complicated process – it takes a lot less time and effort than many people think, and the good that it can do both for the environment and your yard and garden are incredible. Even if you live in an apartment, you can have a compost bin or even compost with worms to do some good in your neighborhood.


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