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Three Uses for Compost in your Yard

Compost, Red Worms

So, you have all that nutrient-rich compost that your red wiggler worms made out of your food and yard scraps. You understand that compost offers a better option to your yard than chemical-based feeds and products, but exactly how can you use that compost around your yard?

Cover it Up: Have you used mulch in the past to cover your flower beds and under shrubs to protect against drought and weeds? Your dense compost can offer the same protection, at a fraction of the cost. Spread 2-3 inches of compost around your flowers, your trees, under your shrubs and your entire lawn will benefit from the nutrients that naturally break down into the soil.

Rich Soil Feed: No more store-bought yard or flower. Dig down into your garden as you plant and toss some compost down into the hole. Spread a little around in the top soil and water it down. Your plants and flowers will thrive.

Refreshing Cool Drink: Compost tea is the natural equivalent of that container of garden feed you attached to the end of your hose or mix up for your sprinkler, without the harmful chemicals.

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