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3 Most Common Misconceptions about Composting

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There has been a solid wave towards adoption of composting as a practice both on the commercial and residential end in the last few years, but there are still some of you that may be wary of starting your own compost bin. Yes, my composting friends, some of your neighbors, some of your friends, even some of your family members may avoid taking the composting plunge due to the following misconceptions. Read on and then take it upon yourself to educate them:

  1. The smell. The number one fear of the compost-challenged, this issue is usually the first derailer of any potential composter and is not even a reality. No well maintained compost bin that is monitored regularly for pH and moisture levels will have any smell. Period.
  2. I won’t have a use for it. Compost is not dirt, it is organic feed for your garden and yard. You can use it for your grass, your trees, your flower beds and your shrubs. Have a little left over – give it to your neighbor.
  3. No time to manage it. Composting takes only a few minutes every couple of days to manage. Turning your compost, checking the pH levels and adding organic materials to your bin can all be done in a short time. While the setup may be a little intensive, once it’s ready, time involvement is very manageable.

Better yet, composting with red wiggler worms takes even more stress off you in that they really do all the work, munching through the scraps you throw them. Keep the top few points in mind whenever anyone tries to avoid composting as a practice and take five minutes to tune them in about how easy composting really is.


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