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Upcoming Earth Day Composting Events


Earth Day is April 22, 2011 and communities around the country are gearing up to teach local residents the benefits and how-to’s of composting.  The process of composting is much easier than many people think and offers a great solution to reducing food and yard scraps waste in our dumps and trash heaps. The following events are a small selection of those planned around the country to celebrate Earth Day with composting initiatives.

Don’t see a composting workshop in your neighborhood? Call you local Parks and Recreation department and see what they have planned for your local Earth Day celebration.

April 16, 2011 – Composting Workshop at the Earth Day Fair in Portola Valley, California. Learn more about this event: http://almanacnews.com/news/show_story.php?id=8661

April 16, 2011 – Porter County Indiana Earth Day Fair Composting Workshop.

April 16, 2011 – Deerfield Beach Florida Earth Day Composting Workshop. Learn more about this event: http://www.deerfield-beach.com/

April 19, 2011 – Lexington, KY – Home Composting Management. Learn more about this event: http://www.topsinlex.com/

April 23, 2011 – Columbia Springs Canada Backyard Composting Workshop

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