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Time to plant? Don’t forget the Compost


April is often the month that all the people that have been cooped up for months indoors begin to feel that urge to get back out into the yard and get to planting new bulbs, seeds or plants. If you’re ready to get your hands (and knees) dirty in your yard, don’t forget to add a little TLC (compost) to your planting efforts.

Vegetable Garden Planting

After you rototill your garden to expose the softer soil, layer on about 2 inches of compost from end to end an organic feed for your plants.

Shrubs, Plants and new Trees

When planting plants, shrubs or trees, leave about 3 inches at the top of the hole after you place the roots in and fill with compost. Cover with topsoil.

Seeds and Bulbs

Before placing your seeds or bulbs into the ground, sprinkle some compost around the soil then cover with top soil. Add a thin layer of compost to the top of the ground as well.

Tip: Like with any other plant food or fertilizer, water well to push the nutrients down into the earth around the plants immediately after planting.


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