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Check your Worms at Suppertime

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As anyone who tends a vegetable patch or fruit field on their property knows that they take constant maintenance, at all times of day. Cutting and watering should be done in the morning or early evening, weeding can be done anytime and pest repellents should be applied at night to ward off nocturnal critters as well as those that munch by day. That being said, your compost bin and the red wiggler worms inside your bin need your attention, although not quite as often.

Red wigglers are a variety of earthworm that is used most often for composting. They need a specific pH to thrive in their worm bin home as well as the right moisture levels, the right food and the right temperature to allow them to create the nutrient-rich compost you can then use to feed your veggies, fruits, plants, shrubs and trees.

Add compost materials to your compost bin in the evening so your nocturnal worms can feed at their leisure. Red wiggler worms are also sensitive to light and direct sun, so try to open your bin only on foggy or hazy days, or at dusk. The same goes for checking the moisture and pH levels of your bin – do not open your compost bin between the hours of 10AM and 2PM, to keep the hottest/ most direct sun off your worms.

If you’re an early riser, you can always manage your compost bin maintenance in the wee morning hours before 9, your worms may be bedding down at that point, but it’s not likely they’ll complain.

Tend your worms in your worm bin in the evening or early morning hours so they can do the job you intended for them – munching through your yard and food scraps to make rich, loamy compost you can use around your yard.



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  1. I am adding African Nightcrawlers to my yard and plants..but do not want the birds to eat them (125 count) I have been told water the yard 2 hours before dusk and then at dusk place them in the yard…what do you think? suggestions

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