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The Benefits of Compost Soil for Garden and Yard


Your yard is where you and your family spend the most time outdoors, so it’s probably true that you want to be as careful as possible about the products you use to feed your lawn and garden, for the best results for your yard and the highest safety levels for your family.

Unfortunately, most garden feeds and yard fertilizers are full of harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals. These products may feed your grass and improve the growth rate of your veggies and plants, but they are toxic to your toddler that may want a tomato off the vine as they play outdoors, or to your pooch that licks at a plant out of curiosity.

Everyone knows that creating compost out of your kitchen and yard waste is a simple way to “go green” and create less waste to go to the garbage heaps, but the second, and possibly just as important benefit of composting at home is being able to use your rich, loamy compost to feed your plants, trees and yard, without the threat of poisoning your kids, your pets or the local wildlife with toxins.

Most water pollution happens from runoff from yards. This means, when you water our grass or plans that have been treated with chemical feed solutions. Some of that toxic wasted is rinsed off and runs in the local water table.

Now is the time for all of us to speak about the benefits of composting, for our immediate families and for our planet. Use compost to feed your yard and garden and stop poisoning our Earth.


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