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QUIZ: Is your Yard Ready for Spring?

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Finally, the weather has started to warm and the ground is thawing. Soon, buds will be popping out on trees and flowers blossoms will be bursting forth. Is your yard ready for the explosions of spring? Take the following quiz to be sure you’re ready to enjoy the spring.

  • Have you prepped your yard for new growth with lime or other ph balancing products?
  • Do you have sticks and rock debris around your yard that needs to be removed before you can aerate?
  • Have you trimmed back any shrubs or plants that will bloom this year? (Rule of thumb: wait until after March 17th in the northern US to avoid frost threats.)
  • Do you have spotty patches of grass that need seeding?
  • Do you plan on investing in fresh mulch or wood chips for your garden and flower beds? (Be sure to weed before your lay it down.)
  • Do you have tree branches that could use a trim?
  • Have you checked on your red wiggler worms in your compost bin to see if they need a little TLC?
  • Is your compost bin ready for the warm weather? (See how to check that here)

Use these questions as a guide to get started on caring for your garden and yard this year and enjoy the coming spring!

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