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Spend this Weekend with your Compost Heap

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Red wiggler wormsWeekends are a time to relax and enjoy your family and friends and this even means the red wiggler worms in your compost bin. Your worms have spent a few months in the colder climates, so they need a little TLC about now. The question is, how do you show your worms you need them and want them around, especially come spring, when they never really ask for anything?

Stop In and Say Hi

Plan a visit to your wriggly neighbors this weekend to let them know you haven’t forgotten about them. Take time while you’re there to check out the condition of your worm compost bin, to see if there are any holes or cracks that could mean leaks. If you see them, patch them up with duct tape or wrap that part of the bin in plastic to keep the contents, and your worms, inside for the rest of the cold season.

Take Out the Trash

Your worm bin worms are busy little guys, even in the winter, and rarely have time for house maintenance. Before you leave, take out any debris that may be littering your compost area to give your worms free reign to move as much as possible. They do their best work unhindered.

Bring a Snack

Everyone likes a little treat once and a while, so when you come to call, being along some nice brown compost material for them to munch on like paper, dried leaves or coffee grinds. It will not only give them something to eat, but will help raise the temperature in your bin.

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