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Red Wiggler Composting for Outdoor Fun

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spring gardenFinally. The birds are singing again, the air is warmer and fragrant with the smells of flowers and new grass. Spring is here. All your patience and diligence during the winter means that you can now get back outside with your worms and begin cultivating your compost!

As the world wakes up again along with your compost worms, it’s time to take a look and see how they fared over the long, cold winter. Keeping up a ratio of about 500 worms, around ½ pound, for every cubic foot of worm bin will ensure the best composting. If you need some worms, remember to order our robust Super Reds (Uncle Jim Worm Farm’s renowned red wiggler worms).

Remove the plastic or wrapping you used to insulate your worm compost bin the last few months and check the bin itself for any cracks, leaks or oversized holes. Keeping the moisture level in your bin is important for the lifespan of your worms. If there are excessive holes that will cause drainage to happen too quickly, it’s time to replace your bin.

Once you verify the stability of your compost bin and your worms, layer in some materials to kick-start your worms into composting. Adding a little more brown material for a little extra heat can move things along nicely.

A little TLC at this point will keep your worms happy and decomposing your material to the best of their ability. Throw on your galoshes and shuffle on out onto the (hopefully) soggy ground right now to visit your worms and wake them up, because spring is here!


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