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Compost 101: Red Wiggler Worm Care

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composterYou’ve started composting with red wiggler worms, which, by the way, are the very best little natural farmers on the planet. They eat the residual organic materials and from it make the loamy, nutrient-enriched compost that can be used in yards, gardens and lawns to replenish and rebuild their natural strengths and beauty.

Residing in a worm farm, your red wiggler worms need the normal TLC anyone living on your property would need. They need a place to live, they need that home maintained and they need food to eat to survive.

Worm bins come in a slew of sizes and types, both for indoor and outdoor use. Depending on the size of your yard, house or apartment, you can choose the size and type of compost bin you want for your needs. The amount of food waste your household produces is a good indicator of how many worms and the size compost bin you’ll need.

Your red wiggler worms will eat a large variety of organic matter to make compost. Keep in mind to keep you brown materials (paper, dry leaves) and green matter (non-greasy leftovers and grass clippings) layered and even in the bin to maintain the proper temperature for your worms.

DO NOT USE to feed your worms:

Meat, poultry, fish, dairy, potato chips, candy, oils, Oranges, lemons, limes

Keep your worm bin covered while your compost worms munch away at the food you supply and turn the compost about every two weeks. Red wigglers reproduce about every 21 days after they reach maturity, which means a starter kit of 500 worms can expand quickly. Adjust your organic materials accordingly.

Give your red wiggler worms some TLC and keep their house maintained and you’ll soon have an abundance of compost to use around your yard and garden. Ready to begin worm composting?


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