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Great Gift Ideas From Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm

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composter gift vermicompostingAre you looking for a unique gift that keeps giving the whole year ’round? Vermicomposting gifts from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm are perfect for almost anyone! Vermicomposting means composting with worms. This speedy, low-odor method of composting turns trash into valuable compost. The compost helps plants grow strong. Composting is great for kids, families of any size, and singles. It reduces waste, which helps the environment. And vermicomposting only needs a small space, indoors or outdoors. Let’s see how Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm can answer some of your gift-giving needs.

Who Can Compost with Worms

The ideal gift recipient cooks food at home. Take-out food can be composted, but not if it is greasy. Also, vermicomposting is not suitable for a home that is mostly unoccupied. The worms can be left during a vacation, but not for a household that is often out-of-town.

Most of the time, vermicomposting is possible in cities, the suburbs, and urban environments. Vermicomposting is a fun science project at a school.

If there is space outdoors, a worm bin can go in a sheltered spot. Under a big tree, an awning, a shed overhang, or in a garage or shed work well. Apartments often have a small yard or balcony that will suffice. Using a small-footprint vermicomposting bin is easy to maintain, harvest, and move indoors during cold weather. A tote or worm kit can go outdoors. Or, you can buy a plastic composting bin, or build one from wood.

Indoors, use a special vermicomposting bin. Uncle Jim’s has a selection of bin specifically designed for composting with worms. We suggest the Hot Frog Living Composter, Can-O-Worms, or Worm Cafe vermicomposting bins. The stackable trays reduce odor, ensure airflow and drainage, and make feeding easy. They also make the finished compost easy to harvest. Alternatively, make a composting bin from a tote. Or, order a complete Worm Hobby Kit, Worm Farm Kit, or Worm Ranch Kit from Uncle Jim’s.

What To Buy

Basic composting supplies are:

We have done our best to simplify starting a vermicomposting project. Most of our vermicomposting bins include most of what you need. Some additional supplies, such as water and newspaper, are easy to get while setting the bin up.

First, check out our Worm Kits. They include all the basics: worms, bedding, 3-month food supply, burlap, and a basic worm bin. You can add on a rake or extra bedding. For an additional fee, order a children’s book about composting with worms. Most Worm Kits include Red Worms; the larger Worm Ranch Kit can have Red Worms or European Night Crawlers (great for fishing!).

Also, check out our tray-based vermicomposting bins. Some have a choice of colors. Be sure to add on worms on the product page. You will find add-ons such as a worm blanket (retains moisture), a rake, and a children’s book. The biggest advantage of the tray-based bins is that they can expand easily. Thus, the owner can delay harvesting compost until it is convenient for them.

Uncle Jim’s also has a selection of composting pails for collecting kitchen scraps. Designed to suit any kitchen countertop or fridge, a pail makes compost collection easier.

gift card

Shortcut: A Gift Certificate

Starting a composting project involves timing. We always make sure you or your recipient receives the vermicomposting bin first. Then, we send the live worms. Therefore, we offer gift certificates.

Now sure what to buy? Want your recipients to order when they are ready? Buy a gift certificate. Start by looking at some of our Worm Kits and Composting Bins to get an idea of cost. Print out or email the gift code to your recipient. The recipient can place their order when they are ready. For example, he or she may decide to wait until spring to start an outdoor project. 


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