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Finding Delicious Mealworms: Where to Look?

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“Um, you want delicious mealworms? GROSS!”

Not so fast, sonny. By no means am I seeking to eat mealworms for myself (although, many people from around the world do consume mealworms for their protein, and because of how easy they are to raise), but instead, to feed some hungry pets. Mealworms are high in protein, making them beneficial for pet owners of the reptilian and avarian variety. Young animals require a substantial amount of protein in order to grow their full size. But, not all worms will be suitable. A lot of reptile and bird hatchlings can often be finicky with what they are willing to eat. But mealworms are one of nature’s most admirable delicacies, as they are highly sought and eagerly welcomed by chirping chicks or hissing geckos.

And after becoming familiar with this information, the next question becomes:

“Where in the world can I find some delicious mealworms!”

 Mealworms can be discovered in nature, usually fallen trees, decaying logs, leaf piles, and grains. They’re going to be in a warmer climate, so usually spring to summer time. But before you set off hunting mealworms, be forewarned that the mealworms are in a larva stage, meaning that the mealworm is only 1 stage of a metamorphosis. If you are about to launch mealworm manhunt, then consider also searching for the darkling beetle. Darkling beetles are the final phase of the metamorphosis, and can be easier to find, because the life cycle lasts longest in this stage. Darkling beetles are all black, and can be a little longer than a finger nail, but about half the width. These may be easier to discover in the wilderness.

However, sometimes the excitement or energy is lacking, and mealworms yearners may want a simpler way to find some hearty pet feed. The simplest solution is to purchase them through a pet store or online. Pet stores are ok, if you don’t have the patience to twiddle your thumbs until that postal carrier arrives with your live product. But, you won’t be able to get the best bang for your buck at a pet store. So the ideal location to discover a plethora of mealworms is the internet.

When looking to purchase mealworms, you’ll want to scour the internet. Typically, a close location is going to be the best provider, as carriers don’t always provide the necessary care that a package stuffed with mealworms requires. However, if there is a specific retailer or wholesaler that your prefer with a credible mealworm reputation, then chances are that it will be a safe bet to order mealworms from there.

 Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm may be the greatest mealworm provider in the history of mealworm demand. Firstly, Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm guarantees live mealworms. If you order some mealworms, and some or all of the mealworms don’t survive the transit, then you’re going to want to give them a call and report the DOA. Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm will happily have another order of live mealworms reshipped to you free of charge. And the only reason they can make this guarantee is because they have been providing and raising top quality mealworms for longer than Jim would like to admit. The mealworms are raised directly on Uncle Jim’s worm farm, which offer the essential. Because mealworms get such a high demand, and solicit the highest expectations in quality, Uncle Jim personally tends to the mealworms feeding and care taking on his own. Darkling beetles are treated with the same care as child-bearing mothers, whose offspring are then protected in a protein-rich nursery, so that the mealworms can feed and grow to an appetizing size for reptile and avarian pets. And in addition to the care provided to the darkling beetles and mealworms, the mealworms are not treated with any hormones or steroids. Mealworms from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm are raised naturally without any growth stimulants or chemicals that may interfere with growth of your pets. They understand the importance of healthy animals, and do everything in their power to keep their mealworms in the peakest condition. They also offer convenient dried mealworms.

 So, when you compare the difficulty of finding mealworms in the wild with purchasing mealworms from an accredible mealworm grower, such as Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm, most of the time, the mealworm seeker will take the internet route.

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