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Things to know before buying red wigglers online

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It will be advantageous for any composter newbie to be informed of the know-how’s of buying red wigglers online. Red wiggler worms aren’t usually seen crawling from underneath the garden, as these are reared in specialized areas such as farms (thus the terms worm farm or worm ranch). And now that many people are already into vermicomposting, it’s also expected that many people will also be into selling worms for a profit. Now most reliable merchants will be found selling on actual sites (local worm farms), as some prefer to sell their goods on the web. So to avoid being swindled with the wrong kind of worms, it’ll be best to practice with caution as well. You can get more valuable tips on buying red wiggler worms online by reading further of this article.

Tip 1: It pays to read up on the online stores testimonials

There will be countless of stores catering to the sale of compost worms; and you will be free to choose which of these to buy from. But before you go right ahead into purchasing your supply of red wiggler worms, start by reading up on the company’s testimonials. Feedbacks from previous customers can come in handy. So check whether there are more positive responses from the negative reactions (if there are any). The reliability of a company can also be seen in this point of view (it’s important to know how the company works with its customers). You can also get referrals from trusted sources (like family or friends) who may have already bought worms online.

Tip 2: Check for shipping terms

After your store selection, proceed to checking how the company’s shipping terms will be handled. Most worm farm stores will state how much the rate’s will be for a specific destination. Along with that, the shipping material where the red wigglers will be packed in are also typically mentioned. Now, one of the best things that you can request for is to have the worms shipped in their original bedding. In this way, the worms will no longer have to adjust in new surroundings (this will be more comfortable on their end).

Tip 3: Count the shipping days

When you buy red wigglers online, make sure that you also plot out the days for when your worms will arrive. So it’s best that you get informed of the shipping days, so that you’ll also know if there will be any delays. Worm farm stores online typically advice their customers to expect their worm packages within 2 to 3 days. But you can still request for these to come in at an earlier time (but then you might have to pay extra).

Tip 4: Compare prices

If you have extra time on your hands (when buying red wigglers online), consider comparing prices of worm packages from one worm farm perspective to another. But on a lighter note, you won’t need to worry about the costs for buying these worms, as the return of your investment will double in no time (given that your worms will be given proper care and maintenance).

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    1. You can fish with both types of worms. The smaller red wiggler composting worms are best for pan fishing and small catch, whereas the nightcrawlers are a thicker worm for hooking and larger catch.

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