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Production of Worm Castings: How valuable is it?

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Did you know that worms are capable of creating an organic fertilizer product? Yes, you’ve ready it right! Worms are not only good when it comes to breaking down decomposing organic scraps (scraps that are regularly accumulated from your yard or kitchen). They’re also great when it comes to turning these raw materials into a valuable source of compost. Application of worm castings on your garden or farm can offer your plants and soil with nutrients and more. Read more from this article to find out why castings from worms are priceless.

Castings – Priceless but very inexpensive to obtain

Worm castings compost is priceless but not in the monetary sense. So how to go about this? Well these are actually very cheap to obtain since you’ll only need a batch of worms, a composter, bedding materials, and some organic food for your start-up. You’ll just have to give the proper care and maintenance that these worms need, and you’re off to doubling the breed of your worms in no time. In this case, you’ll no longer have to worry about buying your new stock of worms as these soil creatures are also capable of reproducing quickly (you’ll be able to see newborn worms in more or less 6 weeks).

Castings – Priceless and Profitable

Just imagine a double in numbers. It will only mean more worms and more opportunities for harvesting worm castings. But did you know that you can also sell your worms as fish bait to fishermen, or as a raw product for other dealers? But did you also know that castings from worms can be sold as well? You can actually. A lot of farmers and gardeners today are going green these days, and are now opting to use organic fertilizer products for their produce. So whenever you do decide to sell your worms and its by-products for a profit, you can surely make all the possibilities happen.

The benefits to using worm castings

There’s a lot that earthworm castings can do especially when these are applied on your soil, plants and other farm/garden produce. You can read through the list provided below to know what can be gained after using this worm by-product.

  • Since worms prefer to eat nothing but organic materials, then expect these earth wonders to produce nothing but only nutritious material. Take for example a worn-out soil. When worm poop has been applied on the soil, this will gradually improve and be healthier-looking in no time (the soil texture will show improvements after some time).
  • Whether you harvest these castings from worm composting bins or from other types of containers, nursing an eroded soil back to life will be back to its fit self. A healthy soil will be able to retain that much needed moisture/water, and nutrients for the plants that are rooted in it.
  • Harvesting castings from your wormery and applying these on your plants (whether on your flowers, herbs, vegetables, etc.) allows them to also receive additional nutrients. You’ll be able to experience an increase in yield, more vibrancy in colors, and more tastier produce.

Use Red Worms or Nightcrawler worms

Harvest worm castings and experience more of what these can potentially offer you. Also consider what kind of composting worms to use should you venture into this kind project anytime soon. You can also buy red worms or nightcrawler worms for this kind of undertaking. You can be sure that investing on these types of worms (particularly the red worm type) will certainly be worth your time and money.

Uncle Jim’s recommends the Red Wiggler worms

Experience the thrills of having to raise and breed your very own batch of Red Wiggler Worms. With Free shipping included, also get these earth wonders live right at your doorstep! They’re also guaranteed to be alive, wiggling, and insect/mite free! They’re also great for composting and will surely provide you more happier returns! Get your supply today!

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