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Preventive Solutions: Organic Garden Pest Control


A beautiful, well-maintained and pest-free garden is all a gardener could ever thank for. But what if things turn around for the worst? What if pests start infesting the garden and its produce? Before it can even reach up to this point, preventive solutions, or pest control methods are available to keeping a garden healthy, thriving, and free of bugs. Do take note that there are a variety of options of organic garden pest control products that can be used, and can be made straight from your home.


The purpose of using organic pest control products

Using organic pesticide is definitely a better alternative to using toxic-filled goods. Chemical fertilizers not only kill beneficial insects along the way, it also affects nature in more ways than one. Organic based products that are used to help supplement the soil and the living things planted in it, benefit from the nutrients and minerals that come with it. So when this happens, your garden flourishes, and your garden produce increases in yield.


Assess the garden situation first

Before you can even use any type of organic pest control products on your garden, it’s best that you identify the problem/s first. In this way, you will be able to assess the indicators, and the possible pests that may be responsible for the damages (whether this would only be minor or major ones). Of course, you wouldn’t want to use a pesticide that’s meant to kill moles, when you’re actually aiming to eradicate grubs in the process. But then again, you can control all of these from happening when you have a good prevention scheme on your hands.


Using appropriate organic pest killer products

As mentioned earlier, there are organic pest killer goods that are created for very particular bugs. The use of these products also have careful instructions to it, so always make time when it comes to understanding the specifications. Always be aware that there are different kinds of pests, and many other types of pest control products that can be used, made, or can be purchased from the market today.


Different kinds of organic pest control products

There are so many pests that can potentially harm your garden. But for the most common ones, these organic garden pest control samples can be turned to when the unavoidable happens.

  • Pests are very perceptive when it comes to odors. These can definitely help ward them off. So you might want to use garlic, fish parts, or other foul smelling materials should the need arises.
  • You can also use organic soaps and detergents in small amounts (typically diluted with some water) that can be sprayed directly on the affected areas, or directly on the insects. Make sure not to spray too much.
  • You can also consider setting into the ground, plants that expel natural odors and oils (a natural form of insecticide). These substances will be able to alert the pest of the perils that this plant can cause them.
  • There are also other things that can help drive out pests from your garden such as mineral oils, vegetable oils (these can help smother the bugs, especially those that have soft bodies to them); and other hot materials such as chili, pepper, and salt as organic pesticides.

There are a lot more good organic garden pest control products that can be made use of. You’ve just got to know your organic pest control goods first before using them. But if you keep your garden well-cared for, then you won’t have to resort to any of these in the future.


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