A Nostalgic Look Back to 2008 - Uncle Jim's Worm Farm

A Nostalgic Look Back to 2008


Hey friends of Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm! It’s Uncle Jim here, taking you on a trip down memory lane to 2008. Oh boy, what a year it was! We’d just made an appearance on Oprah’s Earth Day special and were featured in a weekly program hosted by Catherine Benay.

A Bit of History

Our TV debut was not just entertaining; it was also educational. We talked about how my father inspired me to start selling worms as a young child in Connecticut. A little table on the front lawn selling worms instead of lemonade – that’s how it all began! It was a hobby that escalated “out of control,” as I mentioned in the show, and it turned into a full-fledged business.

Oprah and Beyond

Being on Oprah was an amazing experience. We were chosen to feature on Earth Day 2008, sharing our worms as a natural, eco-friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers. Even Julia Roberts was there, a little squeamish at first, but she warmed up to our wriggly friends!

A Farm Tour

The show even included a tour of our worm farm, showcasing our organized bins filled with different types of worms, including red worms for composting and aerating worms that dive deeper into the soil. Our operations have always been a family affair, with my sons John, David, and Jimmy playing crucial roles.

Jumpers in Action!

One special moment from the show was when we showcased “jumpers,” a unique type of worm that loves tropical weather. It was a sight to see these worms jump out of the soil, a characteristic even I can’t explain other than “that’s how God made them.”

If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here: Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Nostalgia..on TV…2008.

Thanks for joining me on this nostalgic journey. Keep on worming, friends!

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