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Moving or Releasing Composting Worms

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If you’re like most of us, sooner or later you will be faced with moving house — whether across town or across the country. If you have created a worm-based composting system, you will need to deal with it before you go. This video is intended to help you manage the problem.


“So, we’re going to be moving across the country and we have two choices about how to move our composting worms that are in this Worm Factory 360. We got these worms and the Worm Factory 360 from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm a while ago, but now we have to move, so we have two choices. We can either move our worms or we can relocate them here locally.

“I got this bin and drilled holes in the top, just a Tupperware/Rubbermaid type bin. Here’s my worms right under this newspaper. I use the moist newspaper to keep them cool in the summer. I just scoop them out and put them into the bin so that I can move them easily. What I would do if I were actually going to go through with this is fill the bin up to about an inch from the top and put the lid on. I’d bring some food and a little bit of water to keep them moist as well as fed during our trip. They’ll last a week or more in here.

“In this case, we’re going to leave the worms behind. They’re going to become free range worms. We find a rough patch in the yard or garden. Just dump them out gently and they will adapt to their new home. They will be happy in the ground, making fertilizer and so forth.

“Then I’m going to just rinse off the Worm Factory 360 with the hose and it will be good to go. I can bring this Worm Factory 360 with me and order more composting worms from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm.”




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  1. Uhhhh red wigglers are invasive in most of the US and should absolutely not be released into the wild… what is this trash article?? So disappointed.

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