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Mattel’s Sustainable Strategy with Composting


Mattel, one of the largest global toy producers, has included composting in its recent sustainable company-wide goals. From a recent press release:

“Mattel is a company that is focused on playing responsibly in all that we do, which includes how we impact the world around us,” said Lisa Marie Bongiovanni, vice president of corporate affairs at Mattel. “From the products we make to the people who make up our organization, the Mattel organization is always seeking ways for the company to improve and evolve, to actively make the world a better place to live and play.”

Composting:  Mattel’s manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico, opened one of the region’s largest composting facilities in May 2010. The composting facility handles more than 50 kgs of food scraps from the facility’s cafeteria, as well as materials including coffee waste, paper and hand towel waste. The composting facility diverted nearly 15.6 tons of waste from the local landfill during a 12-month period. Mattel also shares the compost by-product with the employees and the local community, for use in personal gardens.” Click to read the entire press release.

Composting is not just a priority for local government, waste management companies or individuals. The responsibility falls to each of us to make composting an everyday practice. Cheers to Mattel for expanding the eco-mindedness of their staff and company to the betterment of the world.


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