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Learning to make use of Food Scraps for Compost


Colorado State University has installed an “Earth Flow” composting system onsite to channel their kitchen scraps to a compost heap to use in campus landscaping.

In a recent article in the Colorodoan, “Colorado State University decided to install the com­poster on the campus to save money and reduce environ­mental impacts.

The food scraps had previously been trucked about 50 miles one­way by a private vendor to a Denver-based commercial composting operation. Now, Johnson, who is an existing employee, drives the scraps a few miles west of the main CSU campus and loads them into the composter.”

It seems apropos that universities like Colorado State are making composting a focus on campus. What better place to make compost practice part of the everyday routine than where our future generations are learning the skills they need to build their lives. Proximity to the practice on a daily basis will help engrave it into their daily routine.

Are your local schools employing compost practices into their kitchen routine? It’s much easier than is thought and can be a money-saver over time. Oh yeah, it can help save the world, too..



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