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Is Compost Tea eco-friendly?

Have you done any kind of recycling in your life? If you have but have only done the usual segregation of biodegradables from non-biodegradables, then you might want to consider composting your organic scraps (you can compost using different types of composting bins) and have these turned into ‘Black Gold’ (also known as compost). You’ll be surprised on how you can still make something out of these natural wastes. Now, composting not only helps you recycle, it will also help you produce composted materials out of organic scraps. What’s even more better is turning your solid compost into liquid-form. This is what you call Compost Tea.

Compost Tea Application

So instead of using just the plain type of natural fertilizer, you can use compost that’s been previously brewed. Brewed tea from compost can be as healthy and as beneficial as its solid form. But in terms of application, this tea can be easily applied on your soil and plants by means of spraying (you can use a foliar spray for this) or sprinkling.

The materials that you will need to make Compost Tea

In terms of how to make tea from compost, you’ll have to gather a few materials first to concoct such a mix. So to be able to make compost tea, you must prepare the following things: compost, a 5-gallon bucket, some chlorine-free water, an old sock with no holes, molasses and a bubbler.

What are these materials needed for?

Now to give you a quick rundown on how to go about your compost tea recipe, let’s start with the bucket. You’ll be needing the bucket as a container, for where your tea will be brewed. The old sock on the other hand will be turned into your make-shift ‘tea bag’. Now take note that you will have to fill your hole-less sock with compost, and have these securely tied (so that it doesn’t burst into the water). After you’ve made your compost bag, you’ll will now have to dip this into some chlorine-free water (water in this form is safer to use, as it doesn’t contain any chemicals). This will be extremely beneficial for the microbial life that will be present in the system, since it won’t be contaminated with anything toxic. Aside from that, also add some molasses since this will be used as a source of food for all the microbial life in your organic compost tea. Also remember to put in your bubbler so that your brew gets ample amounts of oxygen.

The benefits of brewed compost tea compared to its solid alternative

While you’ve got a lot of solid compost stored inside your composting bins (which is already available for application) you won’t be able to turn down the fact that using and making compost tea for your garden is a lot better. Why is it better than ordinary compost? Read through the list below to find out the reasons:

  • With the extra effort of brewing your aerated tea, and straining it afterwards, you’ll still be able to reap far better things as applying tea in this form can be instantly absorbed by the soil and plants. Rather than waiting for its solid form to be infused into your garden produce, you’ll no longer have to wait for long.
  • Making homemade tea from compost is fresh compared to the ones that are being commercially produced. But besides that, tea in this form especially when sprayed on plants, will also be able to help control diseases from attacking your foliage.
  • When using compost tea, you can also provide additional nutrients to your plants since compost do contain a lot of organic elements. So if you’re able to grow plants that are high in nutrients, then you’ll be able to see great results such increase in yield, vibrancy in color, etc.

So are you still thinking if Compost Tea is eco-friendly? It certainly is! Not only is it safe to use in the environment, it also helps improve the quality of life in your garden’s soil and plants. It’s non-toxic, naturally-made, and is definitely low-cost.

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