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How Worms Help Your Soil


soil in handsDid you know that worms help increase the value of your soil?  Yup, it’s true.  Not all soils are created equal.  Most of the soil that you buy at your common stores or farms is lower quality.  With worms, they will increase the value and nutrient in your soil exponentially.

Below are some interesting facts about worms!


  • Worms double the calcium content in soil.
  • Worms increase magnesium level by two and a half times.
  • After worms the soils nitrates goes up by five times.
  • Worms increase the phosphorous level by seven times
  • Increase potassium level eleven plus times.

If you’re looking to help flowers, plants or vegetables grow…worm soil can be some of the best soil around.  Something else interesting to note is that this is 100% natural and no chemicals are introduced into the soil.  Sometimes when you purchase “top soil” on the market there are a lot of chemicals to enrich the soil.  This is not the case when red wigglers are doing the job.

Worms can be one of the best solutions if you’re trying to get the best soil in town it’s totally possible with worms!  If you’re looking to buy worms, we have a large selection of the best worms on the market to get your soil in the best condition possible.  Purchase worms here.


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