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How To Compost The Right Way

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how to compost the right wayIn the amazing world of composting, there are numerous different methods that work for people. What method you decide on ultimately comes down to time, space, resources and personal preference. Let’s take a minute and break down a few of the more popular composting methods used today. Hopefully this will help you decide on a method that will work well for you, your place of living and your environment.

Bear in mind that each method is different and has its own unique qualities. Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm is all about vermicomposting so we’ll go ahead and save that one for last!

Leaf Mold Composting

Year after year, leaves fall from the trees and settle on the ground to become a natural fertilizer. It’s free compost for whoever wants it, which is probably the greatest benefit of this system. However, leaf composting requires more time and space than the other methods.  You have to pile up a big old pile of fallen leaves and leave them to rot. Now, it requires very little care and attention after this point – which is good. However, the end result (leaf mold) is inferior to regular compost so if you’re after high quality compost, this one may not be for you.

Humanure Composting

Huma-what? Yes there is such a thing as composting human waste. While this method only requires minimal space, time and effort, it’s might gross you out a little. It begins with adding urine to regular compost and working your way to a fully fledged composting toilet. The degree of your involvement really depends on you!

Grub Composting

Meet the black solider fly. Its larvae produce very good quality compost and it’s one of the best composting systems out there. Once you get your special composting containers designed specifically for grubs, then you’re all set. Just add your food scraps and give the grubs a little time to break down the food. In return, they’ll give you nutrient rich compost that includes manure grubs as an added bonus! This system requires little time to get your compost, a low amount of food scraps and the process really is quite friendly.


This is, without doubt, the best composting system there is. Red worms are champion composters and they make fantastic little pets. Caring for them is easy. Just keep them moist and keep them fed. In return, they will give you castings, or “black gold” as we like to call it, that are full of nutrients. Worm castings are superior to regular compost and will help make your indoor plants and garden vegetables grow bigger and faster than ever before. If you’re really looking for a way to make the most of your gardening efforts, this is it. All you need are a couple of plastic bins, newspaper and worms and you’re well on your way. Space, grossness, time and ease are all on your side.
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