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Home Composting and Yard Care Alternatives

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There are plenty of ways to make the world a better place to live in. And becoming more aware of the environments needs by doing your simple composting and recycling acts at home can go along way. So instead of using chemicals to supplement your garden or to spend money on unnecessary materials, here are a few composting and yard care alternatives that can be done at home to save you on costs, energy, time, and other resources.

Alternatives for composting

There are different ways to turn your organic scraps into nutrient-rich compost. You can always opt to choose the aerobic method (uses oxygen to breakdown organic wastes) or the anaerobic method (does not require oxygen to be able to start producing finished compost). But aside from that, worm composting using Red wigglers or European Nightcrawlers can also be used to help generate this natural product for your lawn. You can opt to use the latter option since vermicomposting has been recognized to be the fastest way to produce organic fertilizer and natural pest product (there’s a big difference to using chemical fertilizer vs organic fertilizer). Not only are these worms able to breakdown the food and garden scraps more finely, they’re also able to produce these faster than any other composting method (you can harvest worm castings in just a few months). And since the scraps that are being turned into a valuable resource are free, you will also get the chance to recycle these without having to spend an additional dime out of them. So instead of having to throw these straight to the landfills, use your trash and have these turned into ‘black gold’.

The vital role of water

Did you know that watering your lawn too much or too less can eventually lead to problems? If you want to save on water costs and energy on hosing your lawn, then you might want to consider installing a water device that has a timer on it. Invest on one and this will be able to keep track of a regular schedule for you (try using soaker hoses or a sprinkler that turns on and off when set into a specific time). You should also consider a watering equipment that will be able to water your lawn deeply, as there will be roots that are far below the ground that will also need a good supply of water. Take note that when the roots systems of a plant are healthy, the roots will also be protected from possible weed growth and other diseases (can be a good example of an organic weed killer).

The use of beneficial insects

There are a lot of beneficial insects in your home turf. Some of which that actually work as a natural pest control for vegetables or any other plant life. Insects such as ladybugs can help in reducing the numbers of pest colonies (such as those that have been created by aphids) by eating off of these. You can also use nematodes that prey on white grubs (a great food source). We all know that grubs can kill the life out of your lawn.

The most important step

When it comes to composting and yard care alternatives, the best way would be to always check up on your lawn. You can always make sure that the grass soil is aerated. Soil that has good ventilation and drainage will be able to develop progressively. When you have a healthy soil, you will also be able to come out with a healthy root system, and a healthy plant.

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