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Christmas Gift – Worm Composting Kit

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This holiday season, do something out of the ordinary and give the gift of worms! Does that sound appealing or what? How about black gold, have you ever heard of that? Hmm, sounds a bit more enticing, doesn’t it?

Black gold is what we call worm castings, the best compost on the planet. And you can farm your very own with one of our pre-packaged composting kits that are put together by the vermicomposting experts!

For the adventurous thrill-seekers, organic lovers or DIY enthusiasts, Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm offers an assortment of vermicomposting kits that will fit your own preferences and budget. Look no further, check out a few of our offerings!

Worm Hobby KitWorm Hobby Kit

If you’re looking for a hobby, a science project, instructional activity, or if you’re interested in vermicomposting but would like to just get your feet wet first, so to speak, this kit is ideal for you!

It comes fully loaded with 500 red wiggler worms, bedding, Uncle Jim’s specialized worm feed, an absorbent piece of burlap and a specially fitted container that’s perfect for the task. Give it a go!

Worm Farm Kit

Worm Farm KitIf you’re looking for something bigger than a hobby and would like to get set up with everything you need to start worm composting with just one click of the mouse, then this kit has your name on it!

It comes with double the worms as the hobby kit, double the bedding, double the feed! If you’re ready to take on a fun little project on the side that’s self-sustaining and gives you great results, then order yours today. You’ll be looking forward to Spring all Winter long and your house plants will be happier and healthier than ever! Round up a farm kit today!

Worm Ranch Kit

Worm Ranch KitThis is the biggest bloat we have! If you want to really dig in and get some high quality compost for your home garden or plants, then this is the ultimate set-up. It comes with everything you need to get started right away and working towards the healthiest and most lush plants you’ve ever seen.

It comes with a hefty 11 inch-deep thunder tub that can be set up indoors or outdoors (indoors during Winter). This is for the serious worm farmer that wants serious results. This set up is big enough to handle 2,000 red wigglers (included), starter bedding, 6 month feed supply, moisture retaining burlap and detailed instructions (ALL INCLUDED). Get yours today!


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