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The Best Ways to Use Home-Grown Tomatoes


tomatoWell, we all like to garden here, so I decided to put together an article of the BEST home grown tomato foods.  I am quite positive that this will put some ideas in your head for using these in this harvest season.  Take a look below, for some mouth-watering ideas!

First would definitely be the Lamb and Tomato Tagine.  This take a bit more preparation than the other things on the list, but it’s payoff is amazing!  If you have never made this, a simple search in google will give you all sorts of varieties on how to make this.

Tomato Chutney is another good thing to do with your tomatoes that will take up all of the ones that are at risk for going bad, as the harvest was a few weeks ago.  This stuff will last you all winter long, and then some.  It stores for a long time, and tastes amazing.  The vinegar makes for a long store time, and does wonderful things for the taste buds.

If you do not make it a habit to make homemade salsa, listen up.  This is hands down, no questions asked, that the tomato was created in the first place.  This is literally nothing easier than making some good salsa, and there is not a sauce on the planet, as far as I am convinced, that goes with more food items.  Typically, all you need is tomato, onions, cilantro, garlic, vinegar, and maybe some jalapeno peppers.  I for one, need that for the kick.  For an extra little bite, add some lime juice to your salsa.

Homemade tomato sauce should also be on this list.  You can put a LOT of tomatoes into tomato sauce of every source, and it also keeps for a long time when frozen.  This is great with pizza toppings, casseroles, spaghetti, and other things.  There are not many ingredients here, it is mostly just a game of getting the ingredients right as far as spices.

Bruschetta is another of the very best in the world things to do with tomatoes out of your garden.  Bruschetta is a simple little recipe, and it just goes on bread nice and easy.  It is a fantastic snack, and will taste much better using the best flavor of your garden.

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas on what to do with all those tomatoes we are growing year in and year out!


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