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Things you need to know about Organic Gardening

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organic gardeningThere might come a time wherein you will need to ward off pests from your garden’s soil and plants; or a time wherein you’ll need to look for efficient ways to further develop your plants growth. Now this is where organic gardening can help. Organic gardening encourages the use of non toxic materials that can be directly applied on your yard. In other words, fertilizers and pest control products that are used for this approach are all naturally made. Other than that, the organic scraps from your yard and kitchen can then be turned into a valuable source of compost (can also be used as mulch or as a top dressing), for which you can use for gardening needs later on.

And just like what organic farming can also benefit from, organic compost is made out of scraps that are regularly generated from household consumption. These can be in the form of vegetable and fruit peels, coffee grounds, crushed egg shells, dried leaves, plants and flowers, grass clippings, animal manure (from plant eating animals only), and newspaper or cardboard shreds.

Apart from that, organic home gardening is actually good in a lot of ways. Gardening organically helps for example worn-out soil. When you feed the soil with some organic compost, it eventually goes back to its healthier state. The soil surface will gradually look better; and at the same time, the soil will also start to stock up on the nutrients, water and oxygen that it needs to get back into shape. Now when you feed your soil with what it needs, then you’re definitely giving the plants and trees (and everything else that is embedded in the earth) what they also need from it. A healthy soil radiates into everything that is rooted beneath it. So if your soil is healthy, then you’ll be able to enjoy the plants, the flowers, and all the other things in it to thrive in your system.

Now when it comes to maintaining an organic garden, you should know that you’re working alongside nature as well. Non-toxic materials that are used on your garden will no longer harm the rivers or the streams, after a heavy downpour (as no chemicals will be washed out to any type of water body). The use of organic fertilizers and organic-based pest control products will always keep our water bodies free from harmful chemicals that toxic fertilizers typically bring about. Other than that, landfills are lessened since your daily household wastes are recycled by means of composting.

Other than being eco-friendly, organic gardening is also very safe. When you do this approach your way, you also get the chance to reap better results since you will be doing more quality control work. So if you’re growing flowers, certain plants, or a few vegetables in your garden, then you very much have all the control over this method. So let’s say that you’ve decided to grow a few vegetables pieces on your garden (like tomatoes for example), then you can be assured that safe and high nutritional values are introduced in your produce since organic compost (you can try using compost that has been harvested from worm composting worms) is used to supplement these.

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