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How to Order Worms from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm

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James Shaw, founder and owner of Uncle Jims Worm Farm, has been in the industry of worm farming for about four decades now. Uncle Jim’s specializes in breeding and raising Red Wiggler worms (also known as composting worms). But is also in the business of selling other worm species and supplies. A company that is USDA approved (also federally inspected), this reputable vermiculture farm was also featured in the Oprah Winfrey show.

Ordering is easy at Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm!

Uncle Jim’s worms are guaranteed to be the lowest-priced composting worms being sold on the Internet to date. Other than its affordability, the brand also keeps its old and new customers accustomed to their easy-to-use ordering system.

When you order 5000 worms for example, a shopping cart can be accessed below the webpage. From here, you will find a few buttons that will provide you a few more options such as clicking your ‘preferred quantity’. And when you’re done, you can click the Add To Cart button. You will then be redirected to a page that will ask you to choose on ‘Continue Shopping’ or to ‘Proceed to Checkout’. Should you choose the latter, a Checkout form will appear right after. Fill-up the form and then pay your balance.

What to expect from Uncle Jim’s packaging

When you order from the worm farm, expect your earthworms to get to you in an 8-inch cube corrugated cardboard box. Uncle Jim’s earthworms are always carefully packed inside a breathable cotton bag. Now, other than your worms, a supply of Peat Moss is also included inside the bag (helps add that extra protection for these small creatures).

Uncle Jim’s shipping procedures

Once the worms have been packed, the box will be marked with a note that states: Live Worms/Perishable. This gives the shipping courier a heads up in handling the worms for composting. The vermiculture farm’s shipping procedures also assures their customers that the delivery of the worms will get to them alive. They also follow a schedule when it comes their shipments; and this is only every Monday via USPS Priority Mail. The transit time for such deliveries usually takes 3 days (anywhere in the US).

Your worms finally arrive – What to do next?

You already know where to buy worms, you’ve placed your order from Uncle Jims Worm Farm, and now the worm package finally arrives on your doorstep. So what should you be doing next? Well, your worms will somehow look small and sluggish when you open the box. But do take note that they’ve gone through a long journey and have been confined inside a box for quite some time. But these soil creatures are capable of recovering quickly, just as long as you provide them with moist bedding and organic food. Red wigglers will be able to adjust even more when you transfer them in different container (use a bin that is 18” wide, 2 feet long and 6-8 inches deep) with Sphagnum Peat Moss as their starter bedding. You can also feed them a handful of cornmeal to help them bounce back.

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