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Earth Day Celebrated All Over the Web


Happy Earth Day! What are you doing to make your world a greener place? Well, on the World Wide Web, sites and search engines alike are showing their colors to support the movement to an ecologically-minded global community.

According to

“Today, April 22, is the day when we celebrate our planet and its resources that should be preserved. In case you forgot, the web will remind you it’s Earth Day.

As always, many popular websites are raising awareness about this day; this year Google is celebrating with an animated, interactive Doodle on its homepage and Yahoo also sports a cute animated logo in a similar vein., besides being dressed in an Earthy theme, offers the answers to some important questions about the environment.”

“Besides featuring a special logo, Aol’s front page story brings some of the most amazing photos of the Earth taken from space, and Microsoft Bing regularly features some beautiful photos taken from all around the globe, and today is no exception.” Read the entire article here.

Take a few minutes to search these holiday-related search engines to find Local Earth Day Events to attend. What you experience or learn could help you change one aspect of your lifestyle that could benefit the planet!


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