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Composting Worms Species Disclaimer

Live Worms, Mealworms, Night Crawlers, Red Worms

We cannot guarantee a 100% pure species of any type composting worms. Our worms are harvested from worm beds that are decades old and may depending of time of year contain several different compost worm species. Not to worry!  Bed run worms are superior because they work all layers of the compost not just the top few inches. Giving you a better compost faster. This also gives an advantage in that as conditions change certain species will multiply as conditions become unfavorable for another keeping you with a constantly healthy composter.  Because they are bed run some orders may have more than one species than another but rest assured their populations will naturally adjust to the needs of your waste. Because of the adaptive nature of worms some varieties reproductive rates change with warmer weather, colder weather, moisture levels, soil content etc.

Different species of Worms perform distinct jobs. Some will burrow horizontally, while others will burrow vertically, some to a depth of twelve feet.

Aporrectodea caliginosa – the common pasture earthworm
Dendrobaena veneta – the European night crawler
Amynrthus Gracilus – Alabama Jumper
Eisenia fetida – the manure worm.
Perionyx excavatus – The blue worm.
Eisenia Andrei – the Red Tiger worm
Lumbricus terrestris – the common night crawler or dew worm.
Lumbricus rubellus* – the red marsh worm. Commonly found in places rich in organic matter and moisture such as gardens and pastures.

The reproductive habits of different species of earthworms will vary. For example, the Aporrectodea caliginos a earthworm will lay only one cocoon every twenty eight days, while the Lumbricus rubellus earthworm lays a cocoon every other day. Depending on the species of earthworm, each cocoon will contain anywhere from one to eight eggs.

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