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Basic Facts and Advantages of Composting

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composter scrapsThere are many facts and advantages of composting that can be made very useful. But other than that, you should know that there are also different kinds of composting. There’s anaerobic, aerobic, and vermicomposting.

You can use any of these processes when composting. You can even put into practice some home composting if you want; and all you’ll need is some organic wastes, composting bins, or just a compost pile, neatly placed in your garden or lawn.

Composting makes good use of organic scraps that are usually just thrown into the trash bins. You should know that organic materials that are in the form of kitchen scraps and garden wastes can still be converted into other useful produce. It not only also helps minimize landfill accumulation, it also provides a home for earthworms (helps in aerating and loosening the soil) and other beneficial organisms.

Other than that, making compost is easy and inexpensive. You’ll only need resources for compost that you can easily find at home (as previously mentioned, kitchen and garden wastes). Also, you’ll need air and moisture (for both aerobic and worm composting) to be present in the composting bin or compost heap, as well as some red worms for composting. But if you want to put in days old animal manure, then you can find these from local farms for free; much like the coffee grounds that are also being given by local shops, for no extra charge.

By-products that have been created from your compost, can produce organic fertilizers too (can be made into a liquid fertilizer which is also referred to as compost tea). So instead of buying chemical fertilizers to use for your plants and soil, you can be given another alternative that’s less damaging to the environment. Organic fertilizer that is used on plants can enhance their immune systems from being attacked by diseases; and also give them strength to withstand unpleasant situations such as droughts. Aside from that, fertilizers made from compost can also be made into a soil conditioner. It not only helps reconstruct damaged soil, it also enhances its water retention capacity.

Use composting to your advantage (you can probably try your hand on some mushroom compost too). You not only help mother nature in recycling your daily produce of organic wastes into a valuable rich soil additive, it also helps you save from buying chemical fertilizers.  You can definitely turn your trash into ‘Gardener’s Gold’.

Also take note that you can compost anywhere you want. You can have big or small units placed in your home, even if you have limited space. You can do this in your backyard, or simply keep one under your sink. It’s convenient to have, and can be very easy to maintain. To learn more about the advantages of composting, you can proceed to reading our article: Composting 101: Worm Bins Composting.


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