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Free Worms with These Composters: Our Top Picks

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worm-can-cafeHere at Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm, we believe in giving you value for money for your composting supplies and composting worms. Specifically, we are so smitten with the Worm Café® and Can-O-Worms® composters, we are giving away our famous Red Wiggler Composting Worm Mix with each purchase (for a limited time only). What makes these composters so special, and why the free worms?

A company called Tumbleweed makes the Worm Café and Can-O-Worms composting systems. These innovative composters come complete with bedding, printed instructions, a tap, and compostable cardboard packaging – and there are setup instructions in online videos on our website. The Worm Café lists for $159, but we are offering it for $119 with free shipping (US only) and 1,000 Red Composting Worms to get you started (limited time offer – visit our Worm Café page to check pricing and order). Can-O-Worms lists for $139, however, our price is just $119 and includes the 1,000 Red Composting Worms for free (limited time offer – visit our Can-O-Worms page to check pricing and order). Let’s see which one would work best for you.

These composters are made from 100% recycled, durable plastic built to last many years. Both are on legs for easy access: 4 on the rectangular Worm Café, and 5 on the circular Can-O-Worms. The Worm Café has an added feature: special caps on the legs to help deter ants and mice.

Both are tray-based composting systems. This means that the worms start out living in the lower tray. When that tray is full of compost, add another tray on top with some bedding and food. The worms will naturally gravitate toward the food and move up through the mesh holes in the bottom of the tray. Eventually, you can pull out the lower tray – which won’t have many worms in it – and put the compost in your garden, or make worm tea. The Worm Café comes with three trays; the Can-O-Worms has two.

Each comes with a special blanket. Just lay the blanket on top of your “working tray,” which is the tray where you are adding kitchen scraps and shredded paper or cardboard for food. This allows for easy feeding, because you are not required to bury to the food. (You can bury the food if you want to.) The worms will feel completely comfortable moving to the top of the bedding to eat the food if there is a blanket on top.

In addition to the blanket, you should use the included lid. The Worm Café lid has some added features: it can easily be attached to the top tray when you open the composter. This is more convenient than trying to set it on the ground, and it prevents you from tripping on it. Also, the Worm Café lid is fly-proof.

Ventilation is important to any composter. Without proper ventilation, the worms might suffocate; plus, it can create an environment conducive to anaerobic bacterial growth. Worm Café has unique side ventilation to allow cross-flow without letting much rain in. A special design feature of the Can-O-Worms are the small mounds in the center of each tray – they allow for flow-through ventilation and let worms easily climb up to the next highest tray.

Why are we including 1,000 free Uncle Jim’s Red Composting Worms? We want you to have fun with one of these great composters! You can help save the environment by turning trash into valuable nutrients for your garden. Also, you will love it! And kids love it, too! Watch the Can-O-Worms video to see what we mean.



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