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Outdoor Composters and its Types

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When it comes to outdoor composters, there are actually two types of outdoor composting bins. The outdoor worm composting bins and the outdoor composters.

Outdoor worm composting bins

can o worms composter side viewWorm composting bins that have been specifically designed for outdoor use can go in types such as the Can-O-Worms, The Worm Composter, Worm friendly Habitat, The Worm Factory 360 Free Shipping, and The Worm Factory.

Now, worm composters are containers that shouldn’t be left exposed in areas where there is direct sunlight, or be kept in surroundings with cold temperatures. These two unpleasant factors are bad for your worms. Aside from that, these outdoor worm composters also come with pre-installed taps at the base part. This helps in collecting liquid fertilizer from your bin. But of course, to be able to collect this valuable source of natural fertilizer, you must be able to supply the most important elements inside your worm bin: food scraps from your kitchen (to avoid odor build-up, steer clear from putting in meat, poultry or oily products), some soil to help for the worms grit (when it comes to digesting the food), a few dry leaves of grass clippings, some water and air.

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Outdoor Composters

outdoor compost binsThere are also many types to composters for external use that you can purchase in the market today. They may come in forms like the Compost Wizard Hybrid, Wishing Well, 90 Gallon Compost Wizard, Soil Saver Compost Bin, Tumble Weed Composter, 52 Gallon Compost Wizard Jr., Urban Composter,  71 Gallon EComposter, Garden Gourmet, Compost Pile Turner, Compost Wizard Standing Bin, and 50 Gallon CompoSpin.

Apart from the mentioned outdoor composting equipments, there’s also the usual yard piles. Now, if you have a spacious yard, then you can create one in your garden. It’s basically composed of organic materials (dry leaves, grass clippings, weeds, and of other food scraps from your kitchen), piled in a heap. You can keep a yard pile aerated by giving it some regular turning (you can use a shovel or pitchfork for this) as this will help speed up the composting process.

You can also use outdoor composting containers in the form of Wire Mesh bins. For this composting container, you can actually make one using galvanized chicken wires. Have this rolled upright, and have the ends meet, forming this into a circle. You may secure the ends by using some of the ends of your extra chicken wire roll; and by setting-up four posts (in wood or metal material) inside the bin, to keep it from falling apart. And just like any composter, cover the top of it as well, to contain the moisture inside the bin.

There are a lot of great choices for outdoor composters in the market today (from local stores or from online gardening sites). So, whether you’re buying one for home use, or building one on your own, there are always varied options to choose from.

Uncle Jim’s recommends the Outdoor Composters

Take a pick out of our selection of Outdoor Composters! Start recycling, and  start reaping the many benefits to composting. All you’ll need is to supply it with organic scraps from your kitchen or garden, and wait for these materials to be converted into nutrient-packed compost! So start saving mother earth by reducing your trash, and by making good use of it today.
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