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Take Me out to the Ball Game, Take Me out to the Green!

Since today is MLB opening day, we thought it a great idea to recognize Major League Baseball for their involvement in the recently launched Green Sports Alliance, which supports sports venues all around the country becoming more eco-friendly, to help enhance the organic movement across the US.

Along with the NHL, NFL, MLS, WMBA and NBA, major league baseball fields are taking steps to educate their fan base and reduce the trash production of their sites. It goes without saying that one baseball or football game can produce thousands of pounds of trash, and looking for more green options, like composting for the organic garbage, will help drive the consumer market toward green ideals as well.

The founding members, according to a Huffington Post article, of the Green Sports Alliance, GAS, are the Portland Trail Blazers (NBA), the Seattle Mariners (MLB), the Seattle Seahawks (NFL), the Seattle Sounders FC (MLS), the Vancouver Canucks (NHL) and the Seattle Storm (WNBA).

Each team has taken steps at their venues to move toward eco-friendly choices. Educating about compost and offering compost bins onsite for organic trash are just two options the parks could use  to reduce the trash residual of professional sporting events.

If you local sports team hasn’t taken the green plunge and joined the GSA, now might be the time to seek out your local parks and recreation or public works department to see about getting them moving in the right direction.


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