Hungry Bin Flow-Through Worm Farm


  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Hungry Bin is a fast and convenient way to compost your food scraps.
  • Innovative, patented design.
  • Highly efficient, allowing worms to process up to 4 Lbs (2 Kgs) of waste per day.
  • The worms quickly convert organic waste into castings and a nutrient-rich liquid, which are both high-quality natural fertilizers.
  • Bedding sold separately.
  • 10 YEAR WARRANTY. We will replace an defective parts as long as it is not due to user error or neglect.

Add Worms or Coco Coir Brick for Bedding?



  • Simple and easy to use: With a Hungry Bin you never need to touch the worms. There are no heavy trays to move around. The waste going in and the castings coming out are at opposite ends of the system, so you don’t have to deal with one to get to the other. You simply lift the lid with one hand and deposit the worm food in the top and the worms do the rest. You never need to disturb the worms!
  • Highly efficient:The unique shape encourages worms to access the food scraps at the top, leaving compressed castings below – Worms don’t like compression so they stay at the top where the food is. Hungry Bins have a large processing capacity of up to 2kg of organic waste a day. One Hungry Bin can process the food waste of a family of 4-5 people, however they  also work well at lower capacities of only one person households.
  • High quality construction : The bin is manufactured in UV stabilised, food grade plastic on a zinc plated frame, making it more robust than black tray based farms. The Hungry Bin is designed for decades of service, not a short-lived product which will end up becoming waste itself. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, from high quality virgin food-grade plastic which does not contain heavy metals or BPAs as many recycled plastics do. The product should last 25-35 years under normal use.
  • Easy harvesting: The design allows easy harvesting of castings without heavy, messy lifting – just clip off the lower tray to access 4 litres of compressed castings. When you harvest the castings you rarely need to separate the worms which is a problem with stacker type worm farms where the worms are often crawling all over the place!
  • No clogged taps or smells: Each bin produces quality worm castings and liquid soil conditioner for your garden. The flow-through system with in-tray filter for liquids means no more clogged taps – liquid comes straight through the bottom of the bin into the tray or bucket below. The Hungry Bin does not have a tank which tends to fill up with silt and which allow the worms to drown in.
  • Pest resistant: The tight fitting lid keeps pests out and is at a comfortable operating height –very convenient to open and close. Rats and vermin cannot climb up the smooth metal legs. Possums cannot lift the lid which has an anti-wind clip
  • Robust and mobile: And the Hungry Bin has large diameter wheels, makes moving the bin light work. There are no unstable legs which can fall off.
  • Well written informative manual:The Hungry Bin comes with probably the best written worm farming manual, plus a useful “week by week” calendar which will help you through the first months from set-up. And if in doubt there is the Worm lovers on line resources which will answer any unusual worm farming questions you might need answered!
  • Attractive, clever, sustainable design: The Hungry Bin’s attractive design aesthetic means you can place it in a prominent position, not hidden away like an ugly garbage bin. The bin is designed around the life cycle and behavior of the compost worm, harnessing a fundamental natural process. It promotes “ value ” in food waste, and helps educate and assist in more sustainable practices.
  • High quality output: Because of its deep volume, castings and worm juice harvested from a Hungry Bin are “ finished ”and are less likely to contain unbroken down organics – which create smells and can damage plants. You get a better quality of product from a Hungry Bin. There is nothing better for plants and gardens than the product of a worm farm – the nutrients are in a plant available form and are suitable for all plants. Compost from a worm farm is processed twice as quickly as a regular compost heap and is up to 5 times more effective.
  • Slower to heat up: Due to the larger volume, the core of the Hungry Bin is takes longer to heat up during heat waves so the worms survive longer before emergency action is required.
  •  * cannot ship to HI, PR or AK.  If you would like us to attempt to ship to PR or AK locations please call us BEFORE placing an order to get a shipping quote. If an order is placed to ship to one of these three locations prior to paying the additional shipping, the order will be cancelled. 

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Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 26 × 37 in


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Kris R.
New bin!

I am so happy I finally bought the Hungry Bin. For the past few years I had a lesser bin that was given to me. It was ok, but when I got the Hungry Bin, I was happy I upgraded. It did give me a bit of an issue while putting it together but got it done and moved my worms into the Hungry Bin. Fantastic! Don't wait like I did, get one now!

Charmaine S.
Very pleased with this worm bin!

This thing is a tank! And it should be for the price. It's very well made and thoughtfully designed. Assembly was a breeze. I purchased 2000 starter worms from Uncle Jim's as well, and they arrived at the same time in a separate package, healthy active and ready to eat! I've followed the hungry bin set up instructions, and am trying to be careful not to feed too much at first while the worm population is growing. So far, so good. Like many other folks, I noticed the worms initially crawled around the bin and up onto the lid, but after a couple of days, they burrowed back down into the food and bedding on their own. I'm hoping to be able to recommend this bin to my workplace which has a large kitchen and a bank of these could process all the on-campus food waste. Very exciting.

Hungry Bin Flow Thru

Very easy to assemble and to get started Great product Thanks ScottFackler

Newbie but all is well so far!

Easy to assemble. Directions were good. The only thing I missed is that it said to fill the container 3/4 full and I did not and then was afraid I messed up. A quick call to Uncle Jim for some reassurance to carry on and the farm seems to be doing good. The worms are active and started producing liquid for my plants already. Super stoked about getting some awesome compost. Thanks Uncle Jim for a fun adventure and product.

Meg C.
Worms are thriving!!

Excellent! Worm bin was so easy to put together, even I could do it. Worms came wiggling and are seem to have no trouble with the adjustment. Super happy!!

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