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It’s Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm’s feed, bedding and wealth of wormy wisdom. That will be the key to your success in Vermicomposting!
 Other than the worm packages, indoor and outdoor vermicomposting bins that’s being offered to both worm hobbyists and the business-minded, there’s Uncle Jim’s Unviersity School of Composting and Vermiculture that offers nothing but essential information on all things worms related. Whether it would be about raising composting worms such as rearing Red Wigglers, scientifically named Eisenia Foetida, to sell for a profit or simply mastering the techniques to harvesting new worm cocoons (vermipods) and worm castings from either nightcrawlers or tiger worms, or breeding other worm species such as Alabama Jumpers, Uncle Jim’s worm farm simply has the right answers prepared for you!
There is certainly great potential in these nature’s little miracle workers; and there is so much that you can also use them for. Their poop are called worm castings which pro gardeners and farmers use as theirto nourish your garden (can also function as a compost mix) and can also be sold for a profit.
Uncle Jim’s worm farm supplies a range of organic gardening products, from vermicomposting (having the option to choose and start from either 2000 Red Wiggler Worms or 5000 Red Wigglers Free Shipping for a potential worm farm) to heirloom seeds. Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm certainly has it all for you. That’s convenience, accessibility and credibility right on the spot!


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Get started on a fun fascinating vermicomposting hobby or business. Once Uncle Jim’s worm farm sets you up. All you have to do is periodically feed and moisten the little Red Wrigglers and they do the rest themselves.

It’s That Easy!

Keeping worms at home can also be a great alternative to recycling organic scraps that have already accumulated from days or weeks worth of consumption. Organic wastes such as those collected from kitchens and gardens can also be fed to worms as a great source of nutrients. Not only will you be providing additional supplements to these compost worms, through vermiculture you’ll also get a chance to save the earth from further pollutions.

So whether you’re opting to use Red Wiggler Worms (also known as Tiger worms) or Super Red worms(nightcrawlers)that are both great as live fish bait, live food for other animals, vermiculture and Vermicomposting, raising worms at home (or any other worm species) can certainly be an excellent choice for both worm hobbyists and entrepreneurs. With Uncle Jim’s worm farm packages, worm breeding can certainly be made easy especially when you’re instantly provided with all the essentials.

Uncle Jim’s worm packages basically offer worm feed, worm bedding, manuals/instructions, and of course, your choice of composting worms. With your selection of worms (whether these are your choice of Eisenia foetida or the typical Lumbricus terrestris), you can also be assured on raising them all-year round (you can raise these worms in spring, summer, winter or fall).

Worm composting can be a lot of fun, as raising and breeding them indoors or outdoors can also be a great option for you. Just also make sure that you place them under ideal temperatures, and given proper care and maintenance. Sooner or later, you’ll be surprised that in just a few months, enough compost have already been produced for harvesting. The next thing you know, you’ll have plenty of organic fertilizer to go around for your garden. And not only is this valuable source free, it’s also a great garden supplement that comes to your many other returns in your vermicomposting investment.

Uncle Jim’s worm farm sets you up with everything: The Feed, Bedding, Instructions and of course… The Worms.

Raise Them In The Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall.

Raise them indoors, outdoors, in an apartment, garage or on your porch!