Worm Ranch Bedding


  • Enough bedding to fill a 16”L x 22”H 11”W bin
  • Easy preparation
  • Non-toxic, abrasive and chemical-free
  • Odorless and pH neutral
  • Retains moisture


Our worm bedding is the gold standard for worm farmers everywhere, and we have the experience to back it up.

We understand the importance of providing your worms with a safe and comfortable environment. That’s why our bedding is made with care and stripped of all toxins, abrasives, and chemicals that can harm your worms’ sensitive skin.

It is made from a unique material combination that has high moisture retention and oxygen flow. This ensures that your worms are always in the best possible conditions and are able to thrive.

With over 40 years of experience in worm farming, you can trust that our worm bedding is the best possible choice for you. Our devotion to quality is unmatched, and we are committed to providing your worms with the very best.

Invest in the health and happiness of your worms with Uncle Jim’s ranch package bedding. Suitable for worms of all types, your worms will thank you for it!