6 Month Feed Supply



What do you get when you mix 40 years of worm experience, a devotion to improving the quality of your product, and an eccentric drive for success? You get Uncle Jim’s very own, specialized worm feed recipe! (trust me, it adds up) Day after day, Uncle Jim would search and experiment with various foods, grains, materials, products, and feed, until 40 years later, he perfected his worm recipe. This material is the very food that we feed the worms on the farm. It is nutritious, organic, tasty, and will leave your worms salivating for more! This food keeps your worms parasite-free, healthy, and organic. Never before has a worm feed been so meticulously perfected. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


For Red Composting Worms and Euros – not intended for Meal Worms



    My worms Love this feed. I wish that I could match it for Worm nutrition. If I put some in a specific location thats where most of the worms will be.

  2. Betty

    My worms are loving this feed. Never seen them on top of the soil before. Once I gave them the worm feed and I pull back the newspaper I now see them on top of the soil eating away!! Thanks Uncle Jim 🙂

  3. ben day

    I have become half home bound and thinking about raiseing red worms.worring about what it is going to cost people have told me to feed cottonseed meal .Is that a good option?

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