Paper Potter Original


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Make seed pots/starts out of newspaper! This simple tool allows you to make seed pots out of newspaper. Just roll a strip of paper around the form, fold over the bottom and cinch in place by twisting into the base. Since you plant the seedlings in the pot, your plants will avoid transplant shock and be off to a strong healthy start. And you’ll never need to buy pots again. The process is easy and forgiving, making it a great activity for kids around four and up.

This is the original Paper Potter, invented and still made in England by Jane Vere-Hodge of Nether Wallop Trading Company. The feel, quality, and proportions of these original potters are unsurpassed. A simple and beautifully made tool, crafted from sustainable harvested oak.

The potters can be used with a variety of art papers for fun seasonal projects and decorations.

  • Made in England
  • Sustainably harvested oak
  • FSC Certified
  • Makes pots 1.75″ in diameter

Shipping – 7.50